Motivate Social Podcast – Episode 3: Dr. Walter Sims
July 4, 2016
Motivate Social Podcast – Episode 5: Desiree Lee
August 1, 2016

Welcome to the Motivate Social Podcast with Dr. Aikyna Finch and Vanessa Canteberry. In this podcast, you will learn about Ryan A. Bell, Founder of Summit.Live & VRSalon, and how he is changing the world through social media. Our world is now connected so digitally that social relationships are becoming deeper and often more meaningful than the connections we have with our own neighbors.  Today we’ll discuss how Social VR and Livestreaming can connect us, ease fears, prepare us and build culture.  We are on the precipice of some very large changes and Ryan A Bell is someone who helps make change and develop stories.  Join us for a wonderful discussion on community and the future.–episode-4-ryan-a-bell

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